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Manjula Kartikeyan, Coimbatore / Tamilnadu

For Manjula yoga mainly meant physical excercise until she joined the Iyengar yoga retreat in Aug 2014. She expresses in this small video that her entire perspective of what yoga is about has changed for good. She experienced that her body (through yoga asanas with Diwan), mind (Meditation, Sanskrit and Vedic chanting) and soul (introduction to Vedanta & Patanjali yoga sutras) have been nurtured and cared for by the teachers.

She concludes expressing that this retreat marks a new start in her life for many years to come in which she hopes to continue on this path that has been shown to her.

Violet, China

I had a really great time with Diwan. He taught us how to perform the asanas correctly as well as the techniques of pranayama. There's good atmosphere in his classes, the people are serious about yoga and we are like a big family. From his classes and retreats I enhanced my yoga practice. He gave us the correct knowledge and mind of yoga.

I highly recommend Diwan's retreat to whoever wants to learn yogic way to live. I will continue practicing and studying with Diwan.

Claudia Balsebre, Switzerland

For Claudia from Switzerland the retreat was - what she called - 'yoga in full', a complete package for which Swami Dayananda ashram is the perfect place. She acknowledges the 'impressive, deep and profound knowledge' with which Swami Brahmavidyananda taught the yoga sutras of Patanjali and she is also very happy that after this 14 days of the retreat she can read Sanskrit mantras in the original Sanskrit Devanagari script.

Claudia has joined the retreat program with a slipped disk and pain. During her trip to India, so she explains, she has studied yoga with a few other teachers who told her 'to lay down' only because of her slipped disk. Diwan made her attend all the classes and he showed her how she can do all the yoga postures without having pain ... and through practising the yoga asanas following Diwan's instructions, the slipped disk went back in and Claudia leaves the retreat without pain, a fact that she feels is 'very amazing' for her.