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Gitamba, Yoga teacher, Kerala / INDIA

Being a yoga teacher myself I feel fortunate and grateful to have met Diwan and that I had the opportunity to study with him. He deeply inspired me and his classes had a profound changing effect on the physical as well as the spiritual aspects of my yoga practice. His love for yoga as well as his knowledge of it, his capacity to share his experience from his heart with his students and his enthusiasm are very precious and unique in a world where yoga is unfortunately too often taught in a dry intellectual way, as an external physical exercise only.

I sincerely and highly recommend Diwan as a yoga teacher for those who desire to take up a yoga practice as well as for those who are seeking guidance to deepen their practice.

Joanna, Poland

I had the opportunity to study Yoga with Diwan during a 10-Day Intensive Retreat in 2008 in Rishikesh. I had been practicing Iyengar yoga for about 3 years then.

Back in my home country as well as in India I had the chance to learn from many teachers, but it was Diwan who made a remarkable change in my practice. He taught me to be more conscious of myself while doing asanas by focusing on the breath and mind, by listening to my inner self. He showed me the other face of yoga that is highly underappreciated in the West. Diman is gentle but at the same time demanding. I still remember him saying: “You can have many teachers in your life but in the end it is yourself who knows what is best for you"

Sandip Juthani, Mumbai

Sandip came to the 14-days retreat in Aug 2014 with interest and curiosity about yoga asana as he shares in this video testimonial. In the video he expresses his gratitude to Diwan for the beautiful experience that he felt it was to study yoga asana with Diwan in spite of the 'hard work' that Diwan made him do :-).

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