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Ana Paula Agra, Brasil

Before the retreat I wasn't aware of my own body. I didn't know that my foot has four points to support standing, walking or whatever we do with our feet. After the retreat it seems that my body returned to the place it should be in all movements of life. My breath changed and I began to feel parts of my gross and subtle bodies that I wasn't aware of before. The energy is moving and I'm feeling more balanced in all aspects, physical, emotional, energetical and spiritual. I realize that yoga is a state of body, mind and soul. When we pay attention to these three factors, we feel alive and full of energy to continue on our path with more conscience.

I'm grateful that Diwan could help me remember that life is simple: just breathe!

Mario, Mexico

I had the opportunity while staying in Rishikesh to meet and learn Yoga from Diwan. I am very happy to have found a person that knows Yoga and can perform the asanas in a qualified manner. Diwan is a great teacher and also a true Yogi. I wish I have the chance to again practice with him.

Deepa Lakhyani, India

Amazing two weeks program and best two weeks invested. Great teachers, lectures by Swami Brahmavidyanandaji give great insight into the meaning of Patanjali yoga sutras. The asana classes by Diwan Sir helped a lot to understand correct body alignment in the asanas. How to cure oneself from physical problems was also explained by Diwan Sir. Sonia helped to improve the Vedic chanting ... All this and also the ambience and the food of the ashram made the retreat a wondeful experience.

To sum up: an amazing 14-days program to be in, thank you all so much.